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UX Designer

I'm a UX & Product Designer with a passion for Design Thinking and products that provide great experiences.

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Freelance - 2018

In a challenge on how to improve mental health in Canada, I wanted to provide a safe space where people living with depression can journal their feelings and find activities to keep their minds distracted when experiencing an episode.


With the idea of increasing community engagement and improving people's commute, I designed a prototype of a carpool mobile app, that accepts tokens of appreciation in exchange for rides. The project was done in 4 weeks applying the design thinking process.  

The app's process included: Research, A Brief, Personas, Job Stories, Information Architecture and Users' Flow, Sketches, Wireframes, Branding, Prototype, Testing and an Alfa App (in collaboration with a developer).  A sprint plan was used to stay organized and meet project's deadlines. 

This project had an emphasis on user research and analysis and was designed using: Surveys, Clarity Canvas, Card Sorting, A Brief, Personas, Empathy Maps, Journey Maps, Facilitation, Low and High fidelity Wireframes, Testing and Iterating.



Freelance - 2018



Hi, I'm Evelyn, a UX and Product Designer who likes improving people's lives, by learning about their struggles and applying design thinking on projects with the goal of providing user-centred products and great experiences.


Why UX? I’ve seen many times businesses showcasing their solutions to potential clients but the structure used makes the solutions hard to discover or to understand. The idea of helping enhance people's productivity and satisfaction by being some kind of liaison between a service and a person who's looking for a specific solution, was what lead me to be a designer.

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Programs & Events

As a designer, I find important to stay active in the field and learn about diverse technologies, methods to increase work efficiency, innovative products that change the way users interact and listen to experiences from other people in the industry. Here are some programs & events I've attended in the past years to keep up with the field.

Designing your voice

Agile Product Thinking Workshop for Developers, Designers and Product Managers

Amazon Alexa: must-knows for Brands and Makers

Creative Mornings: Inclusive

Toronto Service Design JAM

Behavioural Economics & Technology

SprintsTO Meetup: Flexibility

Qualitative Intelligence: The art of qualitative data turned powerful insight

Lessons from design leaders: Designing for inclusion

Future of UX design, InVision talks


Scaling Up Your UX Research Practice

In 2018 I was a participant of Bridge's Product Design Strategy Program Cohort 1. Besides the great people met, I  learnt about design frameworks and techniques used by other designers, and grow my confidence as a designer. I hope this small blog-post is of help to anyone interested in applying or sponsoring.

Inclusive UX Research

How design systems build the future of your business

UX & Product Design Program

UXRConf: Strive

Behind The Product

Elevate conference



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